Chat rulesEdit

~Spam is not tolerated. You will have only one warning, and then a kick, three more warnings, and then a ban 

~ Making conversations about pornography or sex will be 2 kicks and then a ban 

~ If you cyber bully you well be banned

~ If you are banned and make another user account to access the chat you will be officially banned from the wikia.

~ Harassment in the Private Messages will result in a immediate ban

Ban Consequences Edit

Bans are caused by frequent kicks or excessive spam etc.

The first ban approximately range from 1hr - 4hrs 

The second ban will last either 12 - 24 hrs and will receive a notification warning not to further brake the rules

The third ban will last either 2 to 7 days or longer depending on the mod/admins discretion 

Mods & Admins Edit

Mods can kick and ban and extend the ban time,

Admins can kick ban officially ban from wikia, and extened ban time

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