Ok so I was on the creepypasta chat last night talking to friends and my tablet didnt work so I reload it and it said that the cp chat was shutdown now I was in a private message with Emily a user on the cp chat and I was also talking to TheEnd36 so I went on to a blog of one the staff members and it said that the chat may be permanently shutdown. 

I understand why they want to do this becuse they were obviously people following thr rules and people who were not  the people who werent followin  the rules may have cuseed the chat to be shutdown.

And after a hour of the chat being down I noticed that some people were leaving the wiki becuz the chat was no longer available 

I guess what im trying to say is that the people didnt want anything to do witn the wiki they just wanted to be on the chat I mean chats are great u can meet new people see if they live near u and meet in real life but I joined the cp wiki to help it grow and I couldnt have been were I am now becuz of the cp chat 

Its like my 2nd home online I love I think its great and I hope the wiki stays available and I hope the chat comes back but everyone needs to stop thinking about the chat and they need to focus on what they are going next to help the wiki and the members